Azure Freak Night!

So a couple of months ago me and some of my colleagues (Arjan and Michael) decided it would be nice to have 1 night in the week where we look at new technologies and see if we can use them at work or just as a learning experience in general. Since we’re all Microsoft system engineers we’ve decided that we would take a look at Azure as a cloud service and see what’s up.

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Hi there!

My name is Tom aka “Zommy” (or “Zommynl” when someone is already using the plain version), a 31 year old dude from The Netherlands. I’ve finally decided to add some content to this page as I’ve owned the domain name for several years now but didn’t do anything with it. I try to make it sort of an extension of my brain, so what are you going to find on this blog? Basically links documentation or posts of things that interest me. This can be either personal or work related so have a look around to see if you find anything interesting and you can leave a message if you like :).